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How We See It

We at Visual believe that for a trade show to be a success, you must consider the entire attendee experience. We want to know brand goals, target audience and key messaging not simply how many kiosks can fit in the space. We want to delve into an understanding of what this attendee learns about your company prior to the show floor and how can your message be extended beyond the tradeshow.

Our goal is to create buzz for your event or exhibit while providing opportunities for ROI in a cost effective solution.

We understand that when you combine a constantly evolving corporate landscape and an unmovable show date, information must flow smoothly and progress must be made because as we all know, the show will go on!

We want you to say ‘wow’. ‘Wow! Visual went above and beyond. ‘Wow’ they really listened and provided invaluable insight. ‘Wow’ the quality of their work (Design, Construction, Project Management) is unmatched. ‘Wow’ they provided the one-on-one customer service that made the process a lot easier. Visual infused my exhibit/event with a ‘wow’ that made my booth a ‘must see’ at the show.

Understanding that budgets are not always what we (or our clients) would like them to be, we have built up a large inventory of rental components. Sometimes rental exhibits or a combination of rental and custom components can be the correct direction for a client. Our Exhibit Exchange program, which allows non-competing Visual customers to share exhibits, is also worth consideration. Luckily, our designers are adept at maximizing budget by utilizing their extensive experience as well as the latest in innovative techniques in the industry.

The bottom line is: Visual has the experience, know-how, drive, creativity, customer service and skill to deliver our clients the best possible solution whether it be for an exhibit, event, experience, lobby, convergence center, retail space, or other marketing initiative. We love what we do and it shows.