Building a Winning Legacy with the Carpenter’s Union

The Philadelphia’s Carpenter’s Union Apprentice School holds an annual contest inviting only the best carpenters in their 4-yr program to participate.

This year, Chris DiBello, a Visual employee of 3 1/2 yrs,  was among the two invitees in the cabinet maker division along with (1) other.  The two were tasked with creating a custom tool cabinet made of solid oak. Chris enthusiastically took on this project which encompassed numerous challenges, including extensive jointery and maintaining the correct direction of the grain throughout the piece.

Chris emerged the winner and was awarded this distinguished honor by the Philadelphia JAC (Joint Apprentice Committee) at an awards ceremony this weekend.

Visual has been represented in this competition (5) times since 2008 by its talented staff and has brought home the award on (3) of those occasions.

Congrats to Chris and the Visual shop mentors who helped guide him to this achievement.