CES…A Closer Look

The Visual team is finally all back and rested from CES 2015.

22 employees, 4 projects and 1, 629, 869 steps taken (over 1 1/2 million!) It was quite a show.

The fruits of Visual’s labor could be seen at the Toshiba and Sakar/Vivitar exhibits in the Central Hall while other teams supported Lenovo (Venetian) and Samsung (home appliance events at the Aria) off the show floor.

 What an exciting conference! Both exhibits and the products highlighted within were out of this world.  Below are a few exhibit trends we noticed amongst the chaos.


Barn Door conference doors

Replacing traditional conference doors with Barn Door sliding hardware and panels changes a standard and expected aesthetic to something a little more unique. This simple solution yields a large return on investment but the trade off is sometimes sound control, as barn doors are traditionally not as efficient at controlling the sound in the room.

Nontraditional components

We saw many uses of non-traditional exhibit components this year including trailers, shipping containers and on site made structural elements.


There were many more platforms than in previous years. Companies are seeing the benefits of using them to allow for structure, power and content distribution. Platforms also allow for sleeker designs because the structure to help them stand up can be embedded into the floor.

Off site events and activations

It seemed like half the restaurants in the Venetian were closed this year due to corporate activations for the CES event.

Guided tours

There were many more tour guides taking around groups of people this year. Utilizing headsets for communication, these tours go from exhibit to exhibit talking about available technology and their potential uses.

Enclosed exhibits

Many of the larger exhibits on the show floor created focused experiences by denying traffic from all sides and forcing attendees to enter from specific locations.