Designers Assemble!

There could not be a field trip more suited to Visual’s Design Department than The Marvel Experience.  They are all big comic/superhero fans and were excited at the opportunity to check this out. The ME is a unique, hands-on interactive experience that is touring the country this summer to a select few cities.  Marvel has stated that Philadelphia, NYC, Chicago and St. Louis were chosen because of their passionate fans.  And what better place for Philly fans to enjoy the experience than Lincoln Financial Field, home of the E-A-G-L-E-S – Eagles!

The experience took place inside the Linc as well as in domes set up on the field. (An added perk was getting to walk through the players tunnel to get there.)

The premise of the engagement was that every ticket holder was welcomed as a S.H.I.E.L.D recruit.

Before participants entered the space, they were given the opportunity to hold and pose for pictures with Captain America’s shield and Thor’s hammer from the first Avengers film. It was one of the highlights of the whole experience according to our designers.

The designers went through the experience with a very critical eye.  Some interactives (shooting game and augmented reality) were more successful than others (listening stations and customize your superhero).

They felt there should have been more of a passport approach. Guests were given a rubber bracelet and at one point a Spiderman plastic piece to insert. But there was no rhyme or reason to it. It seemed as if recruits should get a different piece after each activity completed to promote a feeling of achievement.

Directional signage could have been improved upon as well.

Activities included a Black Widow laser maze, Spiderman Climbing Wall and more ‘training’ based challenges.  The event ended with a 3D stereoscopic movie, motion thrill ride and, of course, the overpriced gift shop.

Our designers did appreciate the shipping containers used to house some of the interactives and many memorabilia items (Wolverine’s claws, Loki’s staff). The use of shipping containers provided ease of shipment while maintaining a cool, industrial look you might find in a S.H.I.E.L.D. training facility.

The overall impression was that it was an admirable effort with a fun storyline that could have been executed a little better.

Designers Disassemble!