Gout of this World at ACR (American College of Rheumatology)

AstraZeneca/ Medimmune wanted to create excitement at ACR this year with their new exhibit.  The focus of the exhibit was gout. The AZ/MI team asked attendees to view gout ‘in a new light’.
A sign consisting of crystal-like rods (to symbolize the crystals formed around joints when someone has gout) made it clear at the entrance of the exhibit that something new
would soon be happening in the field of gout.

The client’s main goal was to communicate their message through methods of science and education.  Visual provided several touch points throughout the space to achieve this goal.

– An interactive 9’ mannequin with lights at affected areas was a central feature of the exhibit.

– A custom augmented reality app (Light On Gout) was developed to demonstrate stages of gout to doctors at the exhibit. This technology is a live view of a physical,real-world environment whose elements are augmented by computer-generated sensory input.  Doctors aimed Ipads at cubes with targets of different body parts to generate the unique effect. They were also given a card with the targets and directed to download the app so they could use the app as a teaching tool for their patients.

– A 14’ X 10’ video wall displaying a gout video/animation attracted attendees from the aisles.

– A coffee bar and seating area facilitated more in depth conversations.

– Interactive learning kiosks throughout the space promoted self-driven exploration of the disease.

The exhibit was heavily trafficked and deemed a success by all involved. Can’t wait to see the next step for AZ/MI.

See a time lapse of the exhibit below.