Pass the pickles, it’s CES!

Our VP of Creative, Todd Dailey, enlightened Visual employees with a CES Lunch & Learn seminar today.

Highlights included the work that we did for clients at (or near) the show.

We designed and built an exhibit for Sakar/Vivitar, a leading provider of electronics and accessories (including karaoke machines, audio equipment, appliances and much more.)

The colorful approach that provided a clear path through the space while giving each brand its due, was embraced by the client and the CES audience.

We also provided support for two clients that held events off of the show floor.

For the past several years, our client, ESG (Event Strategy Group), has designed a unique experience for their client Lenovo at the AquaKnox restaurant in the Venetian hotel. We have been lucky to aid them in creating a multi-day consumer event that incorporates product displays, graphics, live entertainment and more. This approach has been so successful that Delmonicos, the restaurant next door, has also been ‘Lenovo’d’, utilized primarily as a heavily branded meeting space.

Finally, Samsung held a Private Home Appliance event at the Aria hotel. Visual designed and built a one-of-a-kind environment that allowed guests to explore Samsung’s latest and greatest home product offerings.

Todd also provided an insider’s view and show at a glance, sharing photos of exhibitors, design details and experiential elements that he found especially noteworthy.

The L & L audience was made aware transparent monitors, sliding conference room doors and other trends that emerged at CES 2017.

It’s always interesting to hear Visual’s annual CES recap.