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Human Genome Sciences

Visual is very familiar with Pharmaceutical clients’ needs as well as challenges. One challenge frequently faced by Pharma companies is the best way to transition from a pre-launch product to launch in a tradeshow environment. What can we do in a booth when we aren’t allowed to say anything? Now that we can provide information, how can we provide a cohesive look with our pre-launch booth while changing content?

These are things Visual had to take into consideration when helping HGS plan for the ACR (American Academy of Rheumatology) show. They were pre-launching/launching the first new drug in fifty years designed to treat lupus.

To get people excited about this advancement, we developed an interactive poster building program that allowed doctors to customize an educational poster that they could take back and hang in their offices. For the next round, we worked with GSK’s agency to develop a patient case study interactive. Doctors could touch various sections of one of (3) 60″ screens to explore a different patient….their history, symptoms, treatment and results.