Samsung Spring Launch

This year’s annual Spring Launch event for Samsung was focused on its new curved UHD TVs. They couldn’t have found a more perfect venue to highlight their impressive displays.

Targeting the immersive, panoramic experience of the displays and utilizing the architecture of the Guggenheim Museum as an ideal venue to communicate that message, Visual helped design and create displays that reinforced this message while not adding unnecessary visual elements that would take away from the product or the space.

Speeches from senior executives as well as a design expert covered Samsung’s position as the market leader and that the curved TVs are indeed a work of art. Guests were treated to demos of numerous products on curved displays as well as an entire menu of curved appetizers, which included sandwiches and cheese, served from a curved bar.

Some of the highlights included a dynamic and curved sculptural display which consisted of several Samsung TVs, that was the centerpiece of the rotunda.  And, of course, the 105” UHD LED LCD TV, which is slated for release later this year, was the ultimate showstopper.