Someone’s in the Kitchen with Samsung

Visual was excited to support Samsung at the Kitchen and Bath show in Feb in Las Vegas.

A mammoth exhibit at 140′ X 80′, Visual worked with teams from Samsung US, Samsung Korea and multiple partners to execute this best in show winner.

Creating three focal points within the space, the exhibit allowed attendees a varying path through the space depending on their interests.

First, guests were met by a live presentation which integrated the presenter into the video content playing behind him for a comprehensive look at how Samsung has created a truly Connected Living Experience within the space. Directly adjacent to this space was a controlled, docent-led experience that had live product showing connectivity.

Secondly, in the center of the space was a truly iconic design component that became the talk of the show. A 20’ tall autumn tree created a visual element to reinforce Samsung’s new Tuscan color product line. This product line, being inspired by the colors of nature, was personified by the tree, which was presented on a raised glass floor that showed the forest floor beneath it.

Lastly, guests could see the epitome of high-end product in the Chef Collection area.  This space used the dining room table adjacent to the kitchen as a way to reinforce the idea that appliances are all about creating a home through the warmth of cooking and sharing meals.

Other highlight areas included the Family Hub refrigerator demonstrations, technology areas that showed the strength of Samsung product, and various packages to show a full breadth of product.

Everyone involved was thrilled to receive the distinguished ‘Best Booth’ title when the Best of Show awards were announced.