The Company That Cleans Together

For the past few years, Paul Zadworniak, Visual Mechanical Engineer Extraordinaire, has enlisted the help of a few colleagues to clean up the trash that accumulated along Stanley Creek. The creek runs opposite Visual’s parking lot and several employees noticed the debris negatively affecting the wildlife there as well as our community.

This year, Visual execs decided they would support this cause as well. A company wide email announced the effort and encouraged folks to participate, promising a pizza lunch as a reward.

Fourteen employees (including (3) of the (4) owners!) changed into ‘play’ clothes to lend a hand. Visual (with logistics help from Paul) provided pick up tools, gloves, bug spray, poison ivy scrub and trash bags.

We estimate that approximately 100-150 pounds of trash was collected, mostly plastic bags, snack wrappers, bottles and old clothing. Some of the more interesting items found were a toy soldier, a plastic barricade, corner of a dollar bill, a motorcycle tire and deer bones (at least we think they were deer bones.)

It was a great feeling doing something collaborative to help the environment and Visual plans to make this an annual event.