Visual Gets Some Culture

Claas, a manufacturer of agricultural equipment, headquartered in Germany, enlisted Visual’s help to announce their presence at AG Connect.

AG Connect Expo & Summit, a fairly new show held in North America, highlights state-of-the-art machinery, technology and ideas in the agricultural industry.

Claas, a new Visual client, and our team hit it off immediately. One common connection that may have facilitated the bonding is that both companies are family owned and operated.

Attendees  and exhibitors from around the globe converged on Kansas City to attend this hot event, which almost doubled in attendance (11,000 attendees) from the previous year.

Claas had a 90 X 110 presence in the exhibit hall for which Visual provided ample branding opportunities, a double deck conference area and most importantly let Claas’ product take center stage.

The show and exhibit were deemed successes by Claas. We certainly hope that this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship and that we are by their side next year at AG Connect.